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Assorted experts put together to perform.

Dedicated Development Team

Reaching the market safely, efficiently, and seamlessly has never been easier. A team of professionals covering for every single scope of product delivery is at the ready. Give us your idea, we’ll give you back the product.

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What is a Dedicated Team?

Imagine a team of IT professionals, consisting solely of the specialists you need to make your product a success. Have you? Now imagine swift scalability coupled with limitless expertise. Have you? A dedicated team is a comprehensive team of software development experts that delivers results, while letting you focus on your core business.

Share your idea today. Get your project moving tomorrow!

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How it works?

Getting a dedicated team of professionals aboard your project takes no more than 5 simple steps. One for you and four for us.


The Contact

You contact us, telling us about your idea. We sign an NDA, thus protecting any sensitive information about your project.


The Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the project and develop a roadmap for it to reach the market in a glimpse of an eye.


The Summoning

We compile a team of engineers, PMs, architects, QA specialists, and designers (basically, whomever you may need). The team will be custom-built to specifically deliver to your project expectations.


The Development

We manage and develop your project, reporting to you on a weekly basis, harnessing the very best delivery practices, making sure that we meet your deadline and expectations.


The Deployment

Your product is ready. We launch it and support it, ensuring all the updates needed happen right on time.

You Need a Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is more than just a squad of developers. We offer a comprehensive approach to your product development, harnessing all the expertise, experience, and hunger required. Still hesitate whether you need one? Tick off the questionnaire below.

Do you want your resources planned and a team formed?

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Do you want the best delivery practices applied in your project?

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Do you want the staff motivation to be taken care of?

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Do you want to make use of a ready-made office and IT infrastructure?

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Do you want lean and swift scalability and knowledge transfer?

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Do you want to have more time to focus on your core business?

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Here, There, and Everywhere

We will deliver from our production centres in London and Kyiv, ensuring velocity, flexibility, and scalability of the solutions delivered.

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Let’s bring our potential together to create something great!

Broad Expertise

Delivering software across a number of industries, we can deal with projects requiring cross-border expertise.


Our dedicated teams are trained to meet the customers’ requirements and not create the new ones.

Scaling Velocity

We expect your product to grow and we’ll make it grow with infinite talent resources at the ready.

Efficient Management Vertical

With crystal clear cooperation schemes, we pay exceptional attention to every customer.

Stable Environment

We operate from Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom, stable and versatile IT markets.

Business Prowess

Knowing the business side of product development lets us refine the tech aspect.

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