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Our Expertise in Software Development

Our extensive software development expertise fuels our clients’ businesses with an everlasting ability to seize growth opportunities and dodge threats. Specializing in areas of software development expertise, we let our clients stay agile and flexible amid the volatile, oversaturated with competition, markets.

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Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

Web and mobile apps are the main connectors between businesses and clients, as they go where your clients do. At Hive, web and mobile apps development is one of the core fields of our expertise. User-friendly, immersive experience-wise, and easily scalable, our web and mobile custom solutions will take your business to the next efficiency level.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Nowadays, enterprise software is one of the key software development areas of expertise. With businesses looking to automate operations, improve data security, and cut maintenance costs, various enterprise solutions, such as CRM and ERP systems, come to the rescue when engineered and implemented properly.



Artificial intelligence has become a game changer for businesses these days. Self-trained machine learning models save companies millions in maintenance and custom-facing operations costs. We’ve been working with AI and ML projects for years and know how to make businesses truly AI-powered.



Ensuring the security of data, especially when it comes to fiscal operations, is crucial for preserving your customers’ trust. One of the key areas of our software development expertise, the distributed ledger technology, uses ledgers located on separate, yet connected within a single network, devices, which guarantees the highest level of data security and accuracy.



Quality matters regardless of the domain you work in. Namely, quality defines your long-term success with your clientele. At Hive, we specialize in manual and automated quality assurance, as code quality lies at the core of our identity as a technology partner.



A user should never think when interacting with your platform. The entire flow of their journey must be so smooth that it will propel them to come back and want more from your company. With an in-depth expertise in software development, Hive specializes in building backends that work seamlessly behind the slick and neat user interfaces we design.



There is no business in today’s digital era that is immune to cyberattacks. Scammers, fraudsters, blackmailers, and even competitors are all looking to prevent you from succeeding by attacking your and your client’s data. With rich experience in building safe-by-design IT infrastructures, our experts can build you one or refine the one you have.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

Two of the most crucial aspects of modern business are continuity and availability. Customers these days won’t stay long with providers or partners that are not delivery consistent. Implementing the best cloud and DevOps practices is what helps companies stay competitive by establishing 24/7 availability, stability, and seamless scalability.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom software development projects are the backbone of modern business growth. Custom solutions let companies revamp processes and tackle the specific pain points of their clients. With decades of cumulative experience in custom software development, Hive is a tech partner trusted by companies in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.

Why Devs-Hive?

At Hive, we aim for developing solutions that follow the industry’s golden standards, but at the same time make our clients stand out from the crowd of competition.


SOur extensive software development expertise will be the basis of your business growth stability.


At Hive, we grab hold of the latest technology advancements, like AI, ML, and Blockchain, for your business.


We believe that developing our client’s business is the best way for us to grow as well.


We work only with projects we can deliver successfully.

How We Work

When consulting, engineering, designing, testing, and supporting, we always stick to the process that enhances the value of our software development expertise for our clients. A scrupulous analysis of every step we take after we sign the contract lies at the basis of our ability to drive success for you.



Get in touch to tell us about your idea or need.



Our team of experts will gather your business requirements.



An in-depth understanding of your business vision will help us form the technological solution you need.



Hive engineers start working on the project, delivering the result you requested.


Release & Support

We take your solution into production and stay with you to ensure its flawless and stable performance.

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