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Industries We Serve

Understanding the specifics and uniqueness of industry-based markets lies at the core of our outsource software development for industries. We bring along more than a decade of experience and an unmatched velocity of bringing together high-quality engineering teams that ensure the result wanted. Pose a challenge to your industry’s competitors with a tech partner who knows your business environment ins and outs.

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Marketing & Advertising

We deliver custom software solutions that change the scope of the marketing and advertising industry. With an in-depth experience in designing and implementing a wide range of custom marketing software solutions, Hive excels in taking loyalty programs gamification, customer engagement and retention, and digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Game Development

At Hive, we have a seasoned team of developers who know their way around creating immersive gaming experiences. Be it an existing gaming project or a new one, we are here to deliver the combination of quality and speed. With time-to-market being one of the most critical factors in the gaming industry, our streamlined hiring processes ensure the best result within a shortest deadline.


When driving digital transformation in the automotive industry, we stick to three major principles. First, our solutions perform seamlessly when it comes to ensuring safety. Second, we design and implement ADAS solutions that render vehicles a natural particle of the traffic and environment. Third, we make infotainment transpire as invisible, yet heavily present in a driver’s experience factor.


We have been in the business of driving digital transformation for fintech and banking institutions for years. Focusing on secure, fast, and user-friendly solutions, we ensure bespoke online banking experience for your customers while driving innovation with custom web and mobile banking applications, open banking platforms, seamless payment integrations, and online KYCs.


Healthcare software development is one of the most compliance-bound industries. With international, state, and local regulations in place, a duly-performing healthcare solution is, first of all, a compliant and data driven one. From patient engagement to laboratory management, we develop custom healthcare software solutions, compliant with HIPAA, FHIR, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.


There’s no wonder that ERP development has transpired as a separate industry these days. Businesses worldwide, regardless of their industry, are looking for ways to tune and handle their operations with ease. At Hive, we specialize at developing the most complex and custom-tailored ERP solutions that deliver results our clients expect.


Retail software development deservedly stands out within the overall domain of software development for industries. One of the most versatile industries, retail uses no other but complex software solutions infused with a myriad of 3rd-party integrations that must interact smoothly. Otherwise, the entire operations chain can be broken. At Hive, we have a rich experience in developing retail software solutions that help companies shape and refine operations and grant omnichannel experience to the customers.


The maritime industry is one of our core software development niches. Hive specializes in the development of custom software solutions for maritime industry companies. From ERP to CRM, our experts dive deep into the essence of each client’s business context to deliver the tools that incorporate automation, innovation, and smoothness at every level of operational vertical.

Why Devs-Hive?

At Hive, we aim for developing solutions that follow the industry’s golden standards, but at the same time make our clients stand out from the crowd of competition.

Industry Experience

Software development for industries must be accompanied by the vendor’s in-depth understanding of the industry. At Hive, we have 40+ years of cumulative experience in delivering industry-specific software solutions.

Technological Versatility

Our technology know-how is one of the benefits our clients enjoy the most. When partnering with Hive, companies literally oust the need for searching for another software vendor when they are looking to develop their business further.

Seamless Scalability

One of our core advantages is the staffing speed and flexibility. Regardless of the project status, we are able to scale up and down with you on the go. With a constant reach to a pool of 500+ senior developers, we know how to ensure swift and efficient scalability.


While there are pre-established industry excellence standards for software solutions, each business has its own requirements dictated by their operational context. At Hive, we make sure to follow the former, but prioritize the latter.

How We Work

We will walk you through the beginning phase of our cooperation with ease. Everything we need from you is to let us know what success means to you. We will make it happen in five simple steps.



Get in touch by filling in the contact form or by emailing us directly.



Our representative will get back to you within 2 working days.



We will get together to discuss your project in more detail.



We will dive deep into your project requirements to make sure we deliver what’s expected.



Our teams start delivering the result you need while constantly updating you on the progress.

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Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

With web and mobile apps being the backbone of today’s businesses digitalization, we harness our experience to deliver platforms that take cooperation with partners, customers, and teams to the next level.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

The Hive team applies its professionalism and experience to designing and implementing custom solutions across our industry expertise.



Hive experts supercharge your solutions with the power of ML and AI to ensure their maximum autonomy of their productivity. We help businesses spend less and earn more with the help of artificial intelligence.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

The continuity of services is the key to success in modern industry-based business. Cloud solutions and DevOps practices ensure continuity and security with ease.



Industry-specific software must follow a plethora of regulations and compliance. We ensure your business’s compatibility with the standards needed.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Hive delivers enterprise software solutions gauged specifically to the business context of a particular industry.



Ensuring maximum security to your data and financial operations is something we take care of with the help of leading ledger technologies.



Industry-specific solutions have their own quality requirements, which allow no downtime. We ensure seamless quality and smoothness of the solutions we develop.



We build interfaces and experiences that fascinate, engage, and propel conversions.

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