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Software Development Services

Hive specializes in delivering software development services on our clients’ terms. Our rich experience, coupled with unprecedented technological expertise, lets us make the most of the industry’s best software development practices for our clients. Streamline your product vision to market with your deadline and budget with us.

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Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is an exemplary set of professionals coming together to deal with your issues and capitalize on your opportunities on a turnkey basis. Disclose the business scenario you face, and we will summon a team designed to deliver specifically on your business requirements. Our dedicated teams work on a number of levels and can be managed on both ours and the client’s sides.

Team Extension

We can become a part of your team and help you scale up and down on the go. There’s no need for spending extra on long-term in-house employment. With years of experience in complementing engineering teams worldwide, team extension is one of Hive’s core software product development services. Get the exact amount and scope of expertise you need and don’t pay extra.

Research & Development

With Hive’s research and development services, you benefit from our long-standing prowess at defining your product’s unique selling point and establishing stable and solid income channels. One of our key software product development services, research, and development, forms the basis of our client’s competitive advantage.

IT Consulting

When starting your digital transformation journey, make sure it’s the one that’s fast, efficient, and brings tangible results. With decades of experience in designing and implementing successful IT strategies for our clients. Hive can help you make the best decisions to build an IT infrastructure that nurtures your business with swiftness, efficiency, and further development flexibility.


The core essence of a minimum viable product development service is simple and easy to understand: get to know whether your product will work before you invest heavily in it. The cost of outsourcing software development becomes lower when you know that you are investing in a solution that will bring income. Hive will help you understand your end-user needs and deliver a solution that was designed to deliver specifically on them.

Permanent Recruitment

The need to bother yourself with a tedious and frustrating process of locating, sourcing, and onboarding the right candidates for your engineering teams is now gone. At Hive, we specialize in swift and efficient talent acquisition for our partners on a permanent basis. The service’s model is as simple as they come: provide the requirements for the experts needed and we will find, interview, onboard, and transfer them to your teams.

Why Devs-Hive?

There are reasons that make us stand out in the software development services market.


Choosing Hive as your software development services company, you get a partner that understands business on both the technical and commercial ends. Hence, we build software solutions that reflect and implement a company’s business needs with 100% adaptability to its business development goals.


Our teams will strive for innovation, as we believe that new technologies are lighter, easier, and more efficient in terms of cutting our clients’ costs and boosting their lucrativeness. As a digital enablement partner, we approach each project with a mission of bringing competitive advantage through innovation.


Our tech stack is expansive enough to cover every single project you might have in mind. From web and mobile development to AI & ML models, blockchain and cybersecurity – we know it all. You won’t need to look for a new vendor or additional resources when you decide to scale.


Successful delivery of customized software development services is a complicated project. Thus, its success requires professionals with years of versatile software development project experience. With Hive, you work with teams whose cumulative experience is measured in decades, not years.

How We Work

The principle of ultimate transparency lies at the core of our business. Opting for Hive as your software development partner, you get an explicit view of the processes and an unprecedented vision and control of your project’s unfoldings. So, what happens right after you get in touch with us?



Get in touch by filling in the contact form or by emailing us directly.



Our representative will get back to you within 2 working days.



We will get together to discuss your project in more detail.



We will dive deep into your project requirements to make sure we deliver what’s expected.



Our teams start delivering the result you need while constantly updating you on the progress.

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Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

We design, develop and support apps that make a difference in the market.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Regardless of the idea you have, we will implement it, as long as it serves in your business’s best interest.



Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to supercharge your business with yet uncharted business process automation opportunities.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

Ensure operational stability and longevity by moving your operations to the cloud and establishing continuous features delivery and updates.



Be a reliable partner who understands the true value of security. Safeguard your clients’ data to ensure operational flawlessness.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Leverage the revolutionary opportunities of modern enterprise software solutions and render your operations smooth, stable, and lucrative.



Increase transparency, security, and traceability of data, regardless of the industry you work in. Refine operations and win clients’ trust with the distributed ledger technology.



We start testing the very moment we start coding. A duly tested solution is a duly performing one. We believe no other.



We create designs that navigate your clients and create conversions. Let your clients talk about the product’s immaculate performance, rendering the interface as invisible as possible.

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Are there any questions about our outsourcing software development services we have not answered? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask everything you might want to know about software development services.

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