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hive Custom ERP Software Development Services

Custom ERP Software Development Services

Enterprise resource planning software development is no longer an option for middle-sized and large enterprises. ERP software takes care of the company’s business processes in real-time while helping the business’s key decision-makers stay ahead of the change curve with refined business intelligence data. Custom ERP development helps businesses keep up with the competition by automating operations and leveraging data.

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Our Services

ERP Consulting

Building ERP software systems is a complex task that requires a certain level of technological prowess and business competence. Behind every successful ERP system is an in-depth understanding of the company’s business logic, operations, and goals. Hive’s seasoned experts are here to guide your IT teams in building an ERP solution that will serve your business’s best interest.

Custom ERP Development

Custom ERP development is not necessarily a project that envisages the need for developing an ERP system from scratch. There are thousands of businesses using inefficient out-of-the-box ERP solutions spending immensely on the tools that are not working within their business context. While Hive’s expertise is extensive enough to build custom ERP solutions from scratch, we also specialize in improving the companies’ existing ERP platforms.

ERP Application Development

One of the most harmful mistakes a business can make when adopting an ERP system into their operations is to think that an out-of-the-box solution will cover all their needs. Namely, custom ERP software development ensures the result required specifically for attaining the company’s business goals. A company’s own ERP app provides an unprecedented boost in business agility, management efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Benefits of Custom ERP Development

Custom ERP systems are designed to equip businesses with tailor-made functionality that tackles their specific needs on operational and strategic business development levels.

  1. Cost-efficiency. Having an ERP system of your own eradicates the need to pay for expensive subscriptions and SaaS services.
  2. Seamless integration. Custom-tailored ERP systems are designed in a way that facilitates smooth integration with any 3rd-party service your business might need.
  3. Clean UI and user-friendly UX. With an ERP system developed specifically for your enterprise, you get the app logic and user experience adapted to the needs of your teams.
  4. Enhanced regulation and compliance. When buying a SaaS solution, you have to make sure it is compliant with the law in your operational area. A custom-built ERP is specifically designed to be compliant from the onset.
  5. Improved security. With a custom ERP, your technology partner can ensure top-flight security for the data stored within, as you are not being limited by a SaaS solution’s security protocols.
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Steps in ERP Software Development

At Hive, there is an established process of custom ERP software development. With the project’s positive outcome being the priority, we ensure digital excellence at every stage of your product’s lifecycle.


Contact & Analysis

We kick off the project with a set of an in-depth research session, which helps us shape the product’s vision, feature set, operational workflows, etc.


Architecture & Design

Understanding your business goal helps us set the technological basis for its implementation: its architecture, inner and outer design, tech stack, and future integrations.


Project Planning

As we have visualized the project’s success and chosen the instruments to build it with, we now plan the very stages of its implementation, team compositions, deadlines, etc.


Development & QA

As our engineers and architects write the code, our quality assurance experts ensure its flawlessness before it reaches the production stage.


Implementation & Integration

Before your platform goes live, we ensure and configure its compatibility with all the additional tools or systems your company uses.


Deployment, Support & Training

We set the platform in the production stage, staying by your side to ensure its impeccable performance for your business.

Why Devs-Hive?


Our experts know what it takes to deliver a successful ERP system in practice. Nowadays, there are 800+ business units thriving on custom ERP software developed by our teams.


When working on ERP projects, we make sure to establish the longevity of success for your clients by integrating the products with the leading AI and ML solutions.


Hive is a tech partner with comprehensive technical expertise, which allows us to serve our clients in fulfilling their current goals and supporting their strategic growth plans.


With constant access to a pool of 500+ developers, we ensure our ability to support your business endeavors. Regardless of the team size you need, we are there for you.

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