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maritime Software and app development

Maritime Software & App Development

The maritime industry is the backbone of the world’s trade. The ships carry the cargo that drives the global economy to move; the ships carry the people to the new destinations they long to experience. At Hive, we provide maritime software development services to the companies looking to challenge the industry’s excellence standards by becoming a flagship in efficient maritime transportation.

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Fleet Management

Even when there’s one vessel in your fleet, you still need to manage it, as vessels can only operate within a duly distributed system of naval navigation and control. We develop marine logistics software that helps companies see a wider picture of their operations and thus drive more business value from redefined business processes.

BA & Functionality Assessment Software

It is critical to have an in-depth insight into your ongoing operations in order to seize the opportunities and dodge the threats coming your way. At Hive, we develop Business Intelligence maritime software that helps companies thrive on data-driven decision making and enhanced analysis capabilities that revamp fleet and crew management, logistics, and overall operational efficiency.

Crew & Passenger Management Software

Just like in every other industry, efficient team management is crucial for business success. Marine management software is an integral part of today’s naval commercial operations, as it improves the pace, efficiency, and legal compliance of maritime operations, which helps companies cut cost, benefit from improved planning, and focus on the development of their core business.

ERP Solutions for Maritime

This is no vessel in the world that can operate without proper procurement, especially when it comes to cargo ships and tour liners. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for the maritime industry help companies embark on transparent, efficient, and cost-savvy procurement and resource management all within a unified platform, powered by a single-source-of-truth data stream.

Benefits of Custom Software Development for the Maritime Industry

  1. Improved Safety The maritime industry is quite sensitive to breaches, as the industry’s data systems and streams are interconnected. Hence, a duly-connected and protected information exchange system adapted to your organization’s needs will definitely keep the accidents at bay.
  2. Better Warehouse Management With cargo circulation lying at the core of the maritime industry, a decent warehouse management system can change the rules of the game for you. Custom solutions for warehouse management allow for improved supply chain visibility, data management automation, and lowered freight delivery cost.
  3. Minimized Human Error It is incredibly hard to oust human error from maritime logistics – one of the most complex logistics systems in the world. With maritime software, you’ll be able to manage your logistics efficiently, as each and every aspect of every shipment will be double-checked automatically.
  4. See the Bigger Picture Custom software solutions for the maritime industry let organizations control the processes and operations like never before. For example, crew software for the maritime industry enables shipping companies to set efficient managerial and employee safety practices that refine crews’ experience and thus improve their efficiency.
  5. Better Trade The final goal of the maritime industry is establishing a proper trade organization between companies and countries. Customized software solutions can lend you a helping hand in establishing a unified platform that brings together the data on the ships movement, ships’ schedules, ports availability, and many other aspects impacting your business’s lucrativeness.
  6. Improved Communication Communication is crucial in the open waters. Modern custom software solutions alter the scope of communication reliability between the land and the vessels by helping maritime companies automatically keep track of their ships’ operational well-being while letting the mariners thrive on improved cooperation and educational opportunities.
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Steps in Maritime Software Development Process

Just like the ship follows from point A to point B on its route, we help you clients navigate seamlessly through the unchartered waters of maritime software development.


Contact & Idea

Reach out and share your business goal with us. We will listen carefully to offer you the best solution for your particular business scenario.


Discovery & Design

This is where we take on an in-depth business analysis of your idea in order to come up with the best maritime software solution possible.


Implementation & QA

With the solution designed, we embark upon engineering it, leveraging the best Agile software development practices.


Roll-Out & Support

Once the solution is ready, we take care of its transfer to the production stage, as we stay with you to ensure its steady performance, accessibility, and scalability.

Why Devs-Hive?


When it comes to maritime software, we’ve got experience on our side. Our maritime software solutions are now used by 800+ maritime clients around the world.

Narrow Specialization

Hive is a dedicated marine software company. While we work in many industries, specializing in copious fields of software development, the maritime industry is our key expertise.


We treat your success like we treat ours. While practicing a boutique-like approach to our clients’ projects, we focus on quality and not quantity.

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