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Web and mobile development services are no longer an option, but a must for any business willing to survive in the new normal era.

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Why Care?

There's probably no need to discuss why today's business needs an app of its own. It makes your customers feel cared for, which is the ultimate value they seek from businesses. With the number of mobile and web app users gradually mounting to 7 billion worldwide, there seems to be no further need for discussion.

Our Clients

Hive delivers custom mobile and web development services to start-ups, companies, enterprises, and corporations worldwide.

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What We Know

If there is a platform to run it on, rest assured we can develop it. Native, cross-platform, hybrid, and progressive for mobile, web, desktop. Everything we need from you is the idea.

Custom App Development

Any idea, any platform. Hive delivers native, cross-platform, progressive, and hybrid apps for any mobile, web, and desktop platform there is.


Taking explicit around-the-clock care of your app’s performance, security, and productivity.

Cloud App Development

Unprecedented agility, topped with stable performance, and versatile interoperability capabilities. A perfect package deal for those looking to modernize, refactor, or migrate their apps.


Back-end is important. Front-end is crucial. This is the product-client touching point that defines customer experience. Let’s render it smooth and pleasant.

Embedded Apps Development

As your clients’ gadgets ecosystems grow, make sure to be omnipresent. Hive creates embedded apps for wearable devices, fostering your business integrations into the peripherals component of the market.

API Integrations

Infuse your app with the power of outer data, as we integrate third-party APIs into your business system, or develop a new one, so your app could erase the limits of functionality and performance.

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We are currently entering a landmark in our history where the worlds of web and mobile are coming together to ensure ultimate omnichannel customer experience. Hence, we strive for maximum customization, marrying it with ubiquitous and efficient integrations.

Mariya Biloshytska, CEO

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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A scalable team of professionals to take care of your project on a turn-key basis.

Team Extension

Team Extension

Filling in your expertise gaps in the most cost-efficient of manners possible.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Stumbling upon a particular issue? Let us have a look! We’ll bring the solution.



Let us pave the way before your step on the project’s road.



We create a prototype that either ensures success or prevents failure.

The Future Is Yours

The automotive industry growth dynamics, as per Statista, shows that you’re doing it right. Compared to 2017’s $5.3 billion in revenue, the predicted 2030’s $8.9 billion are looking quite inspiring. What’s more, $2.7 trillion is today’s global car and automobile manufacturing market size, as per IBIS. We are living in the new normal age, and this “new normal” means getting back on track with revolutionary automotive solutions ousting the outdated, not sustainable, and not reliable vehicles.

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