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AI & ML Development Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives modern businesses; it’s true. From back office operations automation to generative capabilities and Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI has become a new normal in commercial and research operations worldwide. Covering a wide scope of AI and ML development services, Hive assists companies in grabbing hold of the incredible opportunities AI and ML offer in terms of automating, refining, and spearheading business to success.

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AI Software Development Services

Artificial Intelligence takes a special place within our expertise, as we make sure to lay the foundation for further AI integration in every solution we build. There is no doubt that AI development will be an integral part of today’s and future businesses' success. As an AI & ML development company, we help our clients implement custom AI-powered software solutions that automate, accelerate, and propell businesses’ success.

ML Software Development Services

One of the most profound subdivisions of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning takes organizations to the next level of efficiency. With its endless capabilities of creating self-training customer-facing and inner operational systems, ML is an asset to make use of. Our Machine Learning development services go the full circle of ML potential, spanning from NLP to back-office automation and chatbots creation.

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Benefits of Custom AI and ML Development

Machine Learning-Fueled Processes

There is no wonder why machine learning development companies are so heavily demanded on today’s market. Machine learning can automate up to 50% of back office operations saving businesses a lot of money.

Scalable Integrations

With Artificial Intelligence being integrated into literally every scope of modern business, the process is a reciprocal one. Adopting AI-powered solutions into your operations is a great way to settle a solid basis for your business’s seamless scalability

Boosted Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to B2C businesses, AI and ML can lend you a helping hand in increasing the velocity of service by automating a great deal of customer-facing operations. A promptly served and supported client is a satisfied client, and AI can help you achieve that.

Improved Customer Insights

Artificial Intelligence is hellishly good at gathering client data and then streamlining it for your success. With AI & ML, you get to prosper on data-driven decision-making with all the data gathering, processing, and visualization being automated and customized as to your operational needs.

AI & ML Development Process

There are barely five steps that keep you and your business’s AI-powered advantage apart. Take the first step, we’ll cover the rest.


Share the Idea

You definitely know what you want AI & ML to help you with. Share the idea with us and we will show you how to implement it.


From Idea to the Concept

Our team of AI & ML development services professionals will turn your idea into a tangible concept that will help us shape the best possible product for you.



It is only when we know that your solution is destined for success that we take on developing it.


Implementation & Support

Our team will roll out the solution and we will support it to ensure the stability of its performance.

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Why Devs-Hive?


We treat your success like we treat ours. While practicing a boutique-like approach to our clients’ projects, we focus on quality and not quantity.


AI & ML are all about making them work smoothly with your entire IT ecosystem. With comprehensive prowess in 9+ IT expertise areas, we are the ones who will help you adopt the power of AI in its entirety.


Our experts have delivered dozens of successfully implemented software development projects with AI & ML solutions being an integral part of each of them.


While you can find answers to all those questions by asking AI-powered assistants, we are more than sure that our experts will provide answers that are not generic, but do tackle your specific business context.

What is AI-as-a-Service?

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