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Drive intelligent automation

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Channel your human resources to deal with truly challenging and creative tasks. Leverage AI and ML models to automate your enterprise’s performance and save cost. We drive value from data directly to businesses.

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Why Care?

There’s no reason to believe that your projects need AI & ML insight, as long as you don’t want to keep up with the market requirements. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are instrumental when it comes to cybersecurity, financial security, inner and outer processes automation, and commercial advancement.

Our Clients

Join our partners in their captivating journey toward a better, automated future.

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What We Know

Our AI and ML expertise is called to bring forward solutions that bring value to businesses from short- and long-term perspectives.

Prediction and Recommendation

Supercharge your decision-making process with self-taught predictive patterns letting you deliver personalized user experiences.

Data Mining and Analytics

Get analyzed, synthesized, structured, and visualized data on your side and build business development agendas like no other.


Boundless natural language processing capabilities let you benefit from advanced speech, text, semantic and cognitive analytics, create customer support chatbots, and process both structured and unstructured data.

Neural Networks

Even mammoth chunks of data cannot withstand the thoroughness of our custom-built deep learning systems and artificial neural networks.

Computer Vision

Real-time video and text processing, image and object recognition, as well as visual classification moving your business closer to accelerated and enhanced sales rates.

Fraud Detection

With ubiquitous digitalization in place, fraud detection systems, an integral part of today’s cyber and financial security networks, are a must regardless of the industry.

Based on Understanding

Our approach is transparent: we gather only the data that brings value to your project and then process it in accordance with your business goals.



We start by learning every single aspect pertaining to your project.



Knowing the requirements, we set up data gathering pipelines, and then filtrate and structure the data we need.



We take to the very engineering, training the model, and then assess and configure it to make sure it meets your requirements and features no flaws.



As your model starts helping your business grow, we observe it closely, monitoring its performance, administering the adjustments needed.

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We indeed urge our partners to harness our AI & ML expertise, as we understand that these two are the key to staying relevant in today’s competitive markets. We want our partners to thrive.

Mariya Biloshytska, CEO

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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A scalable team of professionals to take care of your project on a turn-key basis.

Team Extension

Team Extension

Filling in your expertise gaps in the most cost-efficient of manners possible.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Stumbling upon a particular issue? Let us have a look! We’ll bring the solution.



Let us pave the way before your step on the project’s road.



We create a prototype that either ensures success or prevents failure.

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