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Team extension

Covering the gaps in your team’s expertise and extending your technical aptitude in a cost-effective manner. Equip your team with the best generational talent only for the time you need them.

What Is a Team Extension?

You have a team to build your product but you lack particular expertise to render them capable of delivering the outcomes you've been expecting. Extending your team means “borrowing” the expert you need for a fixed, yet flexible, amount of time. This is a time- and cost-efficient method of accomplishing your project with no need for hiring a full-time expert.

Our experts are on high alert. Standing by your command!

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How it works?

There’s nothing easier than extending your team. Everything you need for dealing with this mission successfully is defining the specifications for the expert you need. We’ll take it from there.


The Contact

You contact us, telling us that you need a particular expert. We schedule a further call to specify the details.


The Analysis

Together, we’ll scrutinize your project and double-check the compatibility of the experts required with the project’s expected outcomes.


The Sourcing

We pick the very best specialist on our list, meeting your selection criteria. If there’s none, we’ll find and headhunt one in the market.


The Interview

We manage and develop your project, reporting to you on a weekly basis, harnessing the very best delivery practices, making sure that we meet your deadline and expectations.


The Supply

The chosen candidate starts working on your project, delivering the results. As the project is over, you don’t pay for their services any longer.

Extended Team Is Comprehensive

Team extension bears fruits that seem invisible at first sight. One single engineer with enough experience and expertise can solve multiple issues for your in-house team. A Deloitte research showcases the reasons why companies opt for team extension.

59 %

Want to cut down the operational cost

57 %

Want to have more focus on core functions

47 %

Want to solve the team performance and capacity issues

31 %

Want to provide better services for their customers

28 %

Want to take advantage of high-quality experts

17 %

Want to accelerate organizational transformation

Let us supply the implementation talent for your idea!

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We offer a wide set of experts to choose from. If we don’t have the one you need, we’ll perform the recruitment mission, and find the expert you need.


We expect nothing less from our experts but to help your project grow. When it does, we’ll be ready to provide as much diverse talent as you might need.


We study our customers to know every single scope or area where we can help them grow. We study your competitors too. Don’t expect us to work with them.

Niche Expertise

The experts we provide are narrowly-specialized in their delivery niches, meaning they serve as valuable components in serving the cross-border expertise for your project.

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