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retail software development services

Retail Software Development Services

Retail software development is a special kind of IT services, as it requires the vendor to be more than experienced in the technical aspect of the domain. It takes business prowess and an in-depth understanding of the key commercial processes to build a solution that delivers tangible results. At Hive, we combine technological excellence with the high level business analytical skills to reinvent the industry’s perception of what is retail software.

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Data Analysis

Today’s retail industry is heavily reliant on data. Businesses leverage its power to forecast demand, shape supply, dodge threats and capitalize on opportunities. With Hive, you can establish an efficient data science practice, which will have your data gathered, analyzed, visualized and put into action for the greater good of your business.

Custom Retail Software

While retail business models might stay true to the classic demand-and-supply principle, there are never two identical company operational models. Custom retail software programs let organizations achieve better business results with solutions designed specifically for their operational needs.

Loyalty Program Management

A brand that sells is the brand that builds long-term relations with its clientele. With today’s customers’ need for feeling the sense of belonging, mundane discount-based client loyalty programs are no longer working. At Hive, we help businesses develop neoteric, gamified, and immersive loyalty program experiences that boost sales by reinventing customer experience.

Retail Corporate Portal Development

An organization that is not efficient from within cannot perform properly in the market. With custom-tailored corporate portals, companies establish personalized workflows and operations that propel team efficiency, save cost, and drive profit. Being able to work faster and better than your competitors do is exactly why a retail corporate portal is worth giving a try.

POS Solutions for Retail

Payment inconvenience might be a point of no return for your prospect and existing customers. It is critical to render payment as one of the most secure and customer experience-wise invisible phases of the purchasing process. Hive’s experts build retail execution software solutions that harness all the needed 3rd-party integrations for ensuring a smooth end-to-end journey for your partners and clientele.

ERP Systems Development

Efficient enterprise resource management (ERP) is no longer optional for businesses that strive for success in today’s overly-competitive markets. With an ERP solution, adapted to your business operations, it won’t take long before you see a positive shift in data security and management, cost savings, team productivity, legal compliance, and many other areas. A custom-tailored ERP platform is a comprehensive solution for retail companies looking to enhance their competitiveness.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have changed the scope of the retail industry. With customers online, businesses now can sell more while spending less on setting up the operations and supply chains. A full-scale store that is always with your buyers, retail mobile apps streamline customer engagement and loyalty by offering an omnichannel experience and establishing an everlasting connection client-brand liaison.

Customer Loyalty Program Software Development Benefits

  1. Improved Personalization With duly engineered and configured loyalty program software, you get to gather zero and first-party data, which enables companies to take customer experience personalization to the next level.
  2. Features customization Unlike out-of-the-box SaaS loyalty solutions, custom loyalty programs can deliver the results tailored specifically to a particular business’s needs by letting you tune and adapt their features, such as tiers, awards, points, etc. to your business model.
  3. Advanced Reporting Analyzing your performance is the key to improving it. With custom loyalty programs, you can track and analyze their output in the real time and thus implement the changes needed on the go.
  4. Campaign Flexibility Custom loyalty program software enables retailers to launch better targeted campaigns based on a more precise data-driven customer segmentation.
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Key Steps in Retail Software Development Services

There are basically four steps between you and improved business results. We will guide you through retail software development services with ease.


Contact & Idea

Understanding the business goal you are trying to achieve with the new solutions lies at the core of our cooperation.


Discovery & Design

We will analyze your business idea to make sure we come up with the best technology solution possible. Also, we will advise you on any aspects and components you might be missing that will improve your operations.


Implementation & QA

Based on the best Agile practices, we will engineer and test the solution, keeping you updated on every step of the progress we make.


Roll-Out & Support

Our experts will take your solution to the production environment and will watch it closely to perform the way your business needs.

Why Devs-Hive?


Working with Hive means working with a team that is harmoniously built. We combine tech and business expertise, which lets us implement our retail domain understanding behind the tech solutions we build.


Regardless of the project we take on, our mission is to innovate, which means improve, make it more resilient to threat and more growth and development prone.


While we work to make our clients’ life as easy as possible, we never let them down when a dull moment comes. We treat your project as ours, your success as ours. Hence, we are there 24/7 for you.


Throughout the course of our history, we’ve successfully delivered 10+ customer loyalty programs which now drive our clients’ sales.

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