Charging games with like-like expenses

Game Development

Games are not games any longer. It’s serious. They’ve grown into something bigger. Marketplaces for ideas and opportunities. An integral part of our lives that brings us ever closer to the desired reality.

Custom Gaming Solutions

The game development industry has long gone beyond the margins of mere entertainment. Utilizing the full potential of the gaming products for maximizing the profit, while delivering a state-of-the-art gaming experience to your players is what Hive is all about. We have our cheat codes ready to beat your competitors!


Starting with the pre-production analysis, we will design the game concepts along with devising the game design document, thus setting a firm platform for delivering your game scenario and balance.


We develop games on both Unity and Unreal, while making sure that our products work perfectly well for any platform. Server-built architectures render our clients free of any business limitations.


Let’s infuse your games with life via our flamboyant and diverse artistic services. 3D, 2D modeling, UI/UX design, and animation. We can make your games reach your users from the screens of their gadgets.

Laboratory Solutions

Gamers don’t forgive downtime. We will test your platforms, audit, expand, adjust, and administrate servers, bring in new monetization channels, establish fruitful game analytics and community management practices while on the go.

Let’s get down to business. Don’t make the players wait. They’ve struggled enough.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A scalable team of professionals to take care of your project on a turn-key basis.

Team Extension

Team Extension

Filling in your expertise gaps in the most cost-efficient of manners possible.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Stumbling upon a particular issue? Let us have a look! We’ll bring the solution.



Let us pave the way before your step on the project’s road.



We create a prototype that either ensures success or prevents failure.

Start your game with boosted experience and stamina. We can make saves in real life.


Android, iOS


PlayStation 4/5/PS Vita, Xbox One, Ninthendo Switch


Windows, MacOS, Linux


Delivering VR/AR games and gaming solutions for the hardware of your choice

Hive Is Your Partner, Not Vendor

While we can adapt to any requirements there are some splendid things you can find in our default settings.


Don’t You Hesitate

We have no doubts your gaming idea will work. We will make it work. Meanwhile, the environment seems to be even more than favourable. Creating a free-to-play game? Good idea! More than 85% of the industry’s revenue comes from free-to-play games. At the same time, the industry grows exponentially at 30% per year rate, which is nothing to be surprised with. There are more than 2 billion mobile, PC, and console gamers worldwide.

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