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Custom Software Development Services

With Hive’s custom software development services, your business can capitalize on uncharted growth opportunities while dodging risk and alleviating threats. Our seasoned experts assist companies in developing custom-tailored solutions gauged to deliver specifically within the framework of attaining their business goals. Let’s start challenging your competitors together!

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Product Development

Characterized by a comprehensive and holistic approach to the project, custom product development is the best solution for those looking to outsource on a turnkey basis. With rich experience in the domain, we know our way around every phase of the custom software development lifecycle.

Product Customization

Products tend to run out of the features required by the market. As the competitors keep improving their offerings with refined technological solutions, customizing your product might be the solution you’re looking for. Our offshore custom software development experts will ensure your existing product’s compatibility with your clients and partner's requirements.

Enterprise Automation

Today, the very concept of automation lies at the core of commercial efficiency. With automated processes and operations, you can serve your clients and partners faster and better than your competitors. We will help you automate as many business and IT processes as you need, building a coherently enhanced and accelerated operational system for your business.

Application Development

One of the most requested custom software development services, application development, boils down to a comprehensive set of services we deliver cumulatively to deliver solutions on an end-to-end basis. Our experts will guide you through the entire journey, helping you design, engineering, test, roll out, and support your application.

Cloud-Based Development

Cloud technology ensures software performance stability, agility, and security. Excelling in successfully taking businesses to most of the major cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we render our in-depth cloud expertise into duly delivered outsourcing customer software development services for those looking to migrate to the cloud.

Infrastructure Services

Designing and implementing an impeccable software solution is one thing. Yet, making sure it works smoothly within the entirety of your operational ecosystem is way more important. With Hive, you get access to experienced software architects who will help you design and build solutions that work immaculately while perfectly compatible with your IT systems.

Data Analytics

Regardless of whether a business leverages data or not, it would still have an impact on it. Those building their strategies and operations on data-fuelled insights prosper, while those sticking with pure guessing fall into decay. At Hive, we build custom data analytics solutions that take companies to the next level of business intelligence.

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The Industries We Serve

Marketing & Advertising

Reaching your target audiences in the right place at the right time is hard. Yet, we know how to do it with neoteric client experience gamification solutions and innovative CRM systems.


There is no better match than custom solutions for enterprise resource planning platforms. At Hive, we know how to build ERP systems that improve businesses.


Our experts take the maritime shipment and passenger experiences to the next level by providing the crews and back and front offices with the necessary tools.


From patient engagement to clinical research trials, we excel in delivering a full scope of healthcare custom software solutions.


At Hive, we reinvent the driver-car-environment interaction by helping automotive leaders design and implement innovative ADAS and infotainment solutions.

Game Development

From game design to animation and engine development, we have the experts onboard, ready to excel in delivering state-of-the-art gaming experiences for your users.


One of the most avid beneficiaries of custom-tailored software solutions, the retail industry-savvy solutions lie at the core of our custom software development expertise..


From payment gateways to seamless 3rd-party integrations, we specialize in developing secure, user-friendly, and swift financial solutions at Hive.

Why Opt for Custom Software Development?

There are several reasons why contracting custom software development might be the best choice for you.

Be the one bringing the result

Custom software solutions make it easier for you to win the competition by giving your clientele the features your competitors can’t.


Custom software solutions are devised to meet your overall IT infrastructure’s specifics. Thus, they won’t start acting in the most critical moments, which is crucial for the business’s stability.

Customer satisfaction

Always based on thorough research and analysis of your client’s needs, custom software solutions are built with the very idea of satisfying the customer at its core.


It may seem like custom development is more expensive than buying out-of-the-box SaaS services. Yet, the financial benefits custom solutions bring in the long run outweigh the short-term off-the-shelf software’s benefits.

Business flexibility

Custom software solutions are built specifically for your business operations. Hence, your business growth plans won’t stumble upon any off-the-shelf software limitations.

Improved support

With custom software solutions, you don't get to rely on unstable 3rd-party customer support companies. You are responsible for ensuring your services are available and convenient around the clock.

How We Work

At Hive, we follow a well-established process of delivering custom software solutions for our clients. Our approach is characterized by the prevalence of in-depth research and analysis as a prerequisite to every step we take for your business's success.



Share the idea behind your solution with us.



Together, we will dig deep into the essence of your project.



We’ll build a solution design that will meet all of your business needs.



As we have everything ready for implementation, it is only then that we embark upon engineering.



Our team will deploy your solution and will stay with you to make sure it works properly.

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Why Devs-Hive?


We cover nine major software development expertise areas, which allow our clients to remain agile and scale seamlessly in the face of the market’s extreme volatility.

Talent Pool

At Hive, we have instant access to 500+ engineers and business development experts ready to deliver the desired result.


Our experts have delivered dozens of successfully implemented custom software development projects.


When working with Hive, you get more than a technology partner, and you get a 24/7 available companion ready to support you.

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