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Efficient digital transformation is nowadays impossible without establishing a cybersecurity stronghold. Pick any industry, and you’ll see that all the stakeholders are more than interested in making sure their data is kept safe and sound within the boundaries of your products.

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Why Care?

By the end of 2025, as per CyberSecurity Ventures, the damage done by cybercrime will reach the figure of $10.5 trillion. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity market is expected to grow by $171 billion by the end of 2022, regardless of the fact that 61% of cybersecurity professionals still consider their cybersecurity teams understaffed.

Our Clients

Companies trust us as our reputation is something we care for too dearly to fail.

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What We Know

We guard businesses by building and tuning impenetrable security networks that stop and prevent attacks from happening.

Application Security

Whether your app has been deployed or is still in the making, our cybersecurity team will ensure its cyber immunity.

Security Testing

Define whether your app can withstand any particular kind of attack in advance. Preserve and then multiply your business’s solvency and image.

Security Training

Expecting peace is no way to win a war. Let’s get your in-house team through cybersecurity theoretical sessions and drills that’ll render them capable of dealing with any cyber battle.

Security Consulting

We can teach you how to make your product compatible with every cybersecurity certification framework there is, including PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO27001, and others.

Managed Security Infrastructure

We build a cybersecurity infrastructure for you, rendering even the most sophisticated attacks useless. Then, we start managing its network, providing protection around the clock.

Security Awareness

Sometimes, those are your customers and employees who can inflict the biggest threat on you. Let’s come up with an educational model that’ll teach them social engineering and data security.

Compliance Assurance

Even if your organization has ticked off every legal compliance box, let’s double-check you’ve done everything right. HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and others forgive no mistakes.

Cloud Audit

We will scrutinize your cloud environment to the bits, defining every single flaw (even the potential ones), and build a roadmap for eradicating it.

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Outstanding Cybersecurity Offering

The thing that makes Hive different when it comes to cybersecurity expertise is the unique merger of compliance, certification, and modeling.


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Cybersecurity is more than an expertise scope that we share with our partners. I say partners because I cannot call a customer someone we assured of their security and protection. We are partners in preventing cybercrime.

Mariya Biloshytska, CEO

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