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Hive stands at the forefront of infusing companies with custom-built and tuned blockchain solutions, ensuring the utmost velocity and protection for you and your clients.

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Why Care?

Over the last five years, the number of registered blockchain wallets has risen from 10.98 to 70 million, with the average of 2.58 cryptocurrency transactions happening every second. The year 2022 will see the global spending on the blockchain solutions reaching the projected point of $8 billion. Blockchain is not an option; this is a one-way street towards security, swiftness, and stability.

Our Clients

We are a trusted blockchain development and customization partner, catering to a plethora of our partners’ versatile blockchain development requests.

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What We Know

Hive specializes in delivering custom-built blockchain solutions, as well as modernizing and refining the existing ones.

From Scratch Development

We can bring your blockchain project to life. Just share your idea with us, and we’ll take it from there by devising an end-to-end delivery roadmap, including an MVP to ensure the project’s success.

Distributed Apps

Software solutions running simultaneously on copious devices within a network, without a centralized server, are the best options for establishing safe and swift trading systems.


Not all businesses have been based on the blockchain model from the onset. Yet, lots of them need it now. Our experts will integrate your enterprise platforms with the required blockchain products seamlessly.


With years of experience in updating legacy software ecosystems, Hive experts will modernize yours, infusing it with advanced blockchain solutions, while ensuring minimum downtime during a smooth transition period.

One step closer to the future.

Marketing & Advertising

Gather only relevant data with precision. Set targeted ad platforms with secure transactions and unprecedented levels of anonymity.

Healthcare & Sciences

Cost optimization via decreased administration and reduced customer relation bureaucracy.


Storing real-time mileage and handling data, as well as processing transactions has never been easier and safer.

Game Development

Secure, fair, and trusted gaming process ensured by locked and transparent in-game payments system.


Render what seemed to be eternally intricate and complicated, simple, transparent, secure, and user-friendly

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There is a reason behind the emphasis we make on the importance of blockchain technology. This is a mathematical framework that is absolutely free of human error and bureaucracy. Today, this feature brings businesses unprecedented value.

Mariya Biloshytska, CEO

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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A scalable team of professionals to take care of your project on a turn-key basis.

Team Extension

Team Extension

Filling in your expertise gaps in the most cost-efficient of manners possible.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Stumbling upon a particular issue? Let us have a look! We’ll bring the solution.



Let us pave the way before your step on the project’s road.



We create a prototype that either ensures success or prevents failure.

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