A Neoteric Platform Bringing Brands and Creators Together


IndustryMarketing & Advertising

Team1 solution architect, 4 frontend engineers, 3 backend engineers, 2 QAs, 1 DevOps

Tech StackAngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, GraphQL, Terraform, Cognito, AWS

custom crm system
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The lack of a centralized vision of business operations obstructed the growth of a UK-based platform that brings content creators and brands together. As an intermediary between businesses and creators, our client helps the former find the latter to reach out directly to their target audiences. Unfortunately, the lack of a decent CRM system prevented our client from optimizing operational cost, processing clients' requests efficiently, and planning wisely for the future. It was not long before the company started losing clients due to operational inefficiency, abridged analytical capabilities, and insufficient business processes automation.


Our team has developed several technology stack options that could have amended the client's business scenario. Having thoroughly analyzed the company's business logic and scaling plans, we advised the client on the variant that would work best for them. The company's analytical capabilities were the first aspect we enhanced by introducing dynamic email engagement reports – a crucial feature for successful brand-content creator matchmaking. During the project's discovery stage, we defined that difficulties with payment processing were one of the system's core drawbacks, repelling many customers at the final stages of engagement.

Hence, we have successfully and safely integrated all the 3rd-party solutions required for automating the payments within the system. As we kept the client's old CRM system running, the Hive team created and diversified the new system's interactive customer engagement features, successfully implemented via web sockets. Design, development, and deployment of the platform's mobile version have finalized the project by giving the client an omnichannel view of their business operations. The new system's enhanced analytical and customer engagement capabilities have led to a dramatic spike in customer conversion rates.

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Our initial idea behind the project was to show the businesses an easy way to promote their products/services with the help of mass and yet targeted reach out on social media. At the same time, we wanted the creators to start perceiving the process of collaboration as easy as can be. Hive made that possible

Client’s COO

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Our team has managed to fulfill the task set by the client, as the solution is among the top-tier platforms for business-content creator cooperation in the UK and Europe. In particular, we have managed to ensure:

  1. 25% increase in customer conversion.
  2. Improved dynamic reporting system.
  3. TAutomated payments within the system.
  4. Omnichanel view of business operations.
  5. Enhanced customer experience.
  6. Boosted analytical capabilities.
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