A Refined Gamification Solution for a Custom Loyalty Program


IndustryMarketing & Advertising

Team2 frontend engineers, 2 backend engineers, 1 QA, 1 DevOps

Tech StackAngular, .NET, RxJS, ChartJS

custom loyalty program
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Client loyalty programs are one of the most efficient market and sales solutions of the 21st century. Hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide are seeking a solution that would let them engage customers more easily into their loyalty programs, thus turning them from one-time buyers into long-term clients.

Our client, an advertising gamification services provider, faced a need to diversify their service catalog with a flexible client loyalty program platform that would let businesses gain more customers by gamifying their advertisements, and thus engage new and retain the existing clients.

They were looking for a tech partner to help them fill in that niche with a multi-tenant and fully-customizable solution that would let companies configure and gamify loyalty programs on their terms. What is more, the multilayer system’s design was meant to make it easier on the user’s side to configure the games themselves, while letting the sales representatives and managers see a wider picture of statistics on the ad campaign or a particular game’s performance.


We’ve built a cutting-edge gamification solution that now empowers our client to let companies worldwide introduce, maintain, and improve customer loyalty programs with ease. With customer-research, backend, and frontend development teams deployed to the project within weeks, we’ve discovered a gamification process that helps companies engage more clients into their loyalty programs. Our teams worked on the project’s research and development in close cooperation with the client’s CTO, product owner, and DevOps experts.

From there on, we’ve built a multi-layer system that simplifies the configuration of games for each user, while giving the sales representatives a complete data-driven picture of each particular game’s performance. Following the addition of advanced business analytics capabilities, our teams have added extra customization by letting the solution tenants configure their consumers’ environments and accesses in each of the gamified programs. Each user now enjoys improved security, reporting, and performance, which streamlines the process of setting up, controlling, and making use of state-of-the-art data-driven client loyalty programs.

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We still work with Hive and if we were to describe our cooperation in three words, I would say coherence, stability, and innovation. It seemed like we worked with people we knew for ages. No operational or cultural blockers at all

Client’s CTO

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The customer loyalty program gamification solution that our team developed has brought about some tangible improvements in both the company’s financial and technical performance.

  1. Newly introduced .NET version has improved the solution’s backend’s speed and stability performance.
  2. The new solution’s improved infrastructure has brought about a 60% cut in maintenance cost.
  3. The overall app’s performance improved due to comprehensive code refactoring.
  4. The newly configured gamification apps are now loading in 7-12 seconds instead of 40-60.
  5. Unprecedented level of customization introduced to the users.
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