Comprehensive ERP System for a Leading Maritime Shipping Company



Team3 frontend engineers, 3 backend engineers, 2 QAs, 1 principal architect

Tech StackAngular, NodeJS, NestJS, .Net, MongoDB

maritime crm solutions
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Having a decent ERP system is crucial for the success of an up-and-coming business; especially, when talking about a company dealing with maritime shipping and passenger voyages. As our client’s business was growing exponentially, as they stood on the brink of qualifying for a major investment opportunity. Yet, they lacked operational agility and efficiency: a swiftly-developing client base, coupled with the business’s further development plans, urged them to reinvent their operations.

The need for a fast design and implementation of an efficient ERP system that would give them an edge over the competitors was looming inevitable. With a business development roadmap in place, the company was looking for a reliable tech partner with excellent talent acquisition practices, agility, and expertise, who would help them develop the system smoothly while working in close cooperation with the client’s in-house teams.


Hive applied its unmatched team-forming velocity to ensure a swift project’s kick-off. Having covered all the client’s expertise gaps and broadened their engineering capabilities, we’ve managed to launch parallel development and knowledge transfer within weeks. No client’s time was wasted, as our rich domain experience let us swiftly assess the existing system and introduce the improvements needed to meet the client’s business goals.

The new features delivery process has been simplified with the help of cloud managed services, which improved the system’s overall agility and stability. Finally, automated load and stress testing now empowers the ERP system to simulate upcoming growth opportunities and foresee operational blockers, thus letting the company adapt operations and decision-making in advance and be ready for any business scenario unfolding.

Nowadays, this is one of the most comprehensive ERP systems for the maritime industry covering 13 operational blocks, such as crew, QHSE, procurement, commercial, accounting, inspection, operations, crew accounts, technical, BI/KPIs, drydock, HR, and insurance. Finally, the basis for the platform’s potential for Big Data usage and AI capabilities integration into the company’s operations has been laid.

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There’s one thing in common that is special about working with Hive. You will hardly find a software development partner with more prowess and velocity when it comes to jumping in quickly onto the project. They’ve only asked questions that mattered and their engineers began performing in three weeks after our first contact. Incredible!

Client’s Product Owner

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As a result of our cooperation, our client has met their primary business goal and qualified for a major investment opportunity. While enjoying a reliable ERP system that has refined its business operations in general, the company has benefitted from a number of particularly improved business metrics:

  1. Met contractual deadlines and rolled out the system to 800+ vessels for their biggest customer
  2. Improved customer satisfaction and reduced number of production cases 3 times
  3. Shortened release cycle twice
  4. Successfully passed a number of industry-specific system audits
  5. Engaged one of the world largest shipping companies
  6. Managed to get major investment for the first time in their history
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