A Revolutionary CRM Cutting Down the Company’s Operational Cost by 30%


IndustryMarketing & Advertising

Team1 frontend engineer, 1 mobile engineer, 1 backend engineer, 1 DevOps

Tech StackReact, React Native, PHP, Laravel, Nginx, MySQL

crm software solutions
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With operations spreading from New York to Tokyo, our client – one of the world's largest marketing and advertising platforms – supports businesses in designing, launching, and sustaining efficient advertising campaigns. An exponentially growing number of customers served with the help of an outdated operational platform – primarily composed of expensive subscription-based tools – was causing a spike in the company's operational cost.

Furthermore, the system's unnecessary complexity made each client's project linger too long before kick-off. Needless to say, the company's ability to support its customers' campaigns was ruined. Having started draining its budget, an outdated and incompatible with the company's business needs set of software solutions was gradually killing its overall competitiveness.


The Hive team has collected requirements from the client’s teams from New York to Tokyo. Based on the requirements gathered, we designed a unified solution that would meet the needs of each stakeholder involved. We reinvented our client's operations with a new set of software solutions, all conveniently placed within a unified system. Following in-depth scrutiny of the company's old IT infrastructure, we took upon a simultaneous build-up of the new operational toolkit from the ground up while keeping the existing one fully functioning.

A corporate web portal working in complete synchronization with the company's teams and clients worldwide was deployed along with a fully-customizable CRM solution. Having eradicated all the surplus manual processes on both the company's and their clients' sides, we added a mobile app to the portal-CRM combination, thus spearheading the company's flexibility in customer service. Our team overlooked the deployment of the new system, as we took full responsibility for the project’s result.

The 3rd-party integrations required for the system's swiftness, automation, and flawless performance have crowned the project by finally depriving our client of the burdensome load of inefficient monthly subscriptions. As we've cut down operational costs and enhanced teams' agility, the company's new and current clients are now enjoying a spearheaded process of configuring and launching their advertising campaigns. We stay with the customer to ensure the system’s stable performance and adaptability to the ever-changing market requirements.

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It was hard to expect something extraordinary from a mid-sized software vendor, as we’ve worked with many. However, Hive has changed our perception of what a truly reliable tech partner is, especially when it comes to expertise, velocity, and what is more, imagination

Client’s CTO

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The newly-introduced CRM has helped our client achieve a number of important KPIs, which have boosted the business’s performance by simultaneously cutting down the expenses and propelling income through refined customer engagement and retention.

  1. A 30% cutdown in the client’s operational cost with enhanced teams’ efficiency
  2. New projects launched within 3 months instead of 6
  3. Faster platform’s deployment and boosted flexibility on the client’s side
  4. A fully customizable web and mobile platforms unifying experiences for the company’s teams around the world
  5. A CRM system increasing flexibility in terms of establishing and supporting new clients
  6. Eradicated need for using expensive outside services
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